Our school aims to prepare kids for programming success.

We are a team that is dedicated to introduce computer science to children, and give them a head start to learning the skills needed for a successful future. Let’s Code is a children’s coding school that strives to teach your child the fundamentals of programming, through fun activities and projects that will allow them to channel their creativity and skills.

Our mission is for every child to gain knowledge in the application of coding concepts. Through projects and lessons, each child will have more than the basic foundations of fundamental computer science concepts, which they can apply to many aspects of learning.

01. Experience

Our school uses industry standards to provide your kids with the best experience and prepare them for the real world. We aim to create an engaging and supportive environment so students can freely explore the world of computer science.

02. Professionality

Smaller class sizes allow students to receive more personalized instruction and fully immerse themselves throughout class. We have an excellent facility with top notch computers and technology.

03. Guarantee

We want to ensure students are prepared for the 21st century and leave with the fundamental knowledge of coding. Let’s Code not only teaches coding but other elements of computer science such as critical thinking and problem solving.

04. Quality

Let’s Code develops its own curriculum from scratch. All instructors have extensive experience working with kids.

Single Student

$249 per month

Sibling Discount

$229 per month


Student to Teacher Ratio

The small class size and the low student to teacher ratio ensures that your child receives adequate care and learns the concepts fully.


Project Created Each Session

We focus on one project each session to fully grasp a concept. Some projects include recreating Flappy Bird, Ping Pong, Frogger, and interactive stories.

7 - 14

The Perfect Age to Begin Coding

Students who begin coding earlier in life often succeed in other aspects of their studies. Start your child today and let them get a head start on life.